Hi everyone,

For those of you who tried to visit the site this week, we ran into a problem with the hosting service. In order to help us have more resources to run the site (i.e. more powerful/reliable server), they moved the site to another machine. This was supposed to be a seamless transition and the site would remain on the old server for a day or two while the new IP address propagated, but some kind of technical error meant the new server wasn’t being pointed to correctly. As a result, the site was not accessible.

In an attempt to resolve this, I contacted the hosting chat line on Thursday and they realized their error. They said it was fixed and it should take a few hours for the site to come back online. I hung up happy (they have great customer service and were sincerely apologetic for the issue). Yesterday, however, the site still wasn’t back up, so I contacted them again. They were again very apologetic and said they would fix this promptly. This time, finally, it worked, and the system was once more accessible late last night.

So folks, again, I’m very sorry for the trouble. It’s partially my fault for not picking up the ball faster and I’m sorry the comic was late as a result.

But we now return you to Henbe’s LOL-inducing strips. Carry on

Jean C.