Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been well!

Like the King, I too have risen from my long slumber to come back here and tidy things up a bit. This was triggered by an email informing me that my the plugin I use to filters spam comments (Akismet) is being restricted because it’s being hit by too much spam. Just in the last FIVE DAYS, there have been over 1,200 spam comments in that section, which is huge. (I did the math: that’s over 7,000 spam messages a month, and my global limit is 10,000.) Since I use it for all my sites (there’s more than a few), I’m taking some steps to hopefully limit said spam.

The first one I’m taking here is to remove the “everyone can comment” option. So moving forward, only REGISTERED users can comment. Fear not, REGISTRATION IS FREE. You just need to register using the button below of the option in the newly created menu right above the comic.

I’m really sorry to have to do this and I hope you won’t hurt Henbe or me because of it. Dungeon Sweet Dungeon is a great comic, but it doesn’t generate a lot of traffic and only a handful of comments a month (based on stats from the last two years).

Thank you for your understanding.


P.S.: I’ve manually marked 1,200+ comments as spam. If I’ve accidentally marked you as spam, reach out to me at jean at jeancarrieres dot com and I’ll go unblock you.